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Duck Hunt

Big Muddy Duck Hunt ©

Big Muddy Duck Hunt

P.O. Box 171

​15863 Hwy 59

Mound City, MO  64470 



   Many duck clubs in the Mound City area have blinds dressed, water pumped, and decoys out during the youth waterfowl season.  The only thing missing is youth hunters!  Help us expand the number of kids we can host annually by donating a blind.  

   Often times when duck clubs consider donating a blind the topic of civil liability is discussed. Unfortunately for youth waterfowl hunters many clubs simply say "no."  Before making your decision, please take a moment to educate yourself in this area.


   Providing a quality event has always been a goal of the BMDH.  This isn't a typical "cookie cutter" clinic that leaves kids with a memory of "just something they did one Saturday."  Every detail from care-package items to the food they eat is done with the intent to leave a lasting impression on the youth and families involved. We are truly humbled by the generosity we have received from past donors and would be honored for you to join with us by investing in the future of waterfowl hunting.


   Weather conditions and duck numbers are out of our control.  However, quality guides and safety coaches are essential in keeping this an event that peaks the waterfowl hunting interest in these young hunters.  Volunteer to be a guide or safety coach (must be 18 or older & hunter education certified or exempt).