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Duck Hunt

Big Muddy Duck Hunt ©

Big Muddy Duck Hunt

P.O. Box 171

​15863 Hwy 59

Mound City, MO  64470 


our goals:

our vision:

   Our primary vision as we continue the annual event is perpetual improvement.  We are constantly seeking ways to improve what we have already started.

   Secondly, as with most outreach efforts, is growth.  Growth in the form of expanding the number of participants we currently host in our one-day event to potentially hosting a different group on the second day of the youth waterfowl season.

   Whatever the future holds for the BMDH we look forward to furthering conservation and generating positive interest in waterfowl hunting one child at a time.


   The Big Muddy Duck Hunt is an annual, community-based waterfowl hunting event, designed to enhance waterfowl hunting in Holt County and Northwest Missouri through the recruitment of new hunters and the retention of those who already enjoy the sport.  It is a collaborative effort from corporate sponsorship, private duck clubs, state government, and local waterfowl enthusiasts to invest in the future of waterfowl hunting.


   The BMDH is not an average, run-of-the-mill youth clinic.  We have went to great lengths to make this a special day for the kids and parents involved that will have a life-long impact on the way they perceive waterfowl hunting, education, and management.

    Everything in the clinic -- from the over $150 in care-package items they each receive, door prizes distributed, hunting experience, dinner/banquet, interaction with instructors/guides/coaches...everything is focused on quality to make their day one they won't soon forget!

    In addition to providing those who attend with a quality experience our goals include:

 - community involvement

 - community outreach

 - recruitment & retention of diverse groups       of youth

 - education

 - enrichment & encouragement to                     participants and their families

 - safety and fun!


our mission: