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our response to covid-19:

The Big Muddy Association and its board members are committed to providing a safe environment to continue forward with the planning and conducting of the 2020 Big Muddy Duck Hunt. With the adjustments to the event in mind, all participants, instructors, guides, safety coaches and other attendees should realize their personal safety/protection and that of their children is their responsibility.  Through COVID-19, there will be increased communications with the event’s donors, participants and their guardians, instructors, guides and safety coaches. The Big Muddy Association will continuously monitor local and state health recommendations, and status of COVID-19 to determine if the event is safe to conduct or if further adjustments to the event are needed. If the event needs to be adjusted or cancelled, all parties will be notified immediately.

A youth’s participation is under the guardian’s discretion. Please stay home if the youth participant or adult assisting with the clinic fall within any of these criteria:
 - Has had a fever in the past 14 days
 - Shows any symptoms of COVID-19
 - Has been around anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within past 14 days

Personal protective equipment (PPE) may be brought and utilized, but PPE in the form of facemasks will be provided and available for everyone at the youth clinic. This is primarily an outdoor event, therefore social distancing will be encouraged and easily obtained. However, participants and guardians should know that social distancing may not be possible in some instances. Under these circumstances, instructors will be required to wear masks when social distancing cannot be achieved and optional for participants (example: shotgun shooting instruction).

If the Missouri Department of Conservation COVID-19 policy prohibits MDC personnel conducting special events. The 2020 BMDH will be cancelled.

Several adjustments to the 2020 Big Muddy Duck Hunt have been made and not limited to:
 - Registration: Current 2020 BMDH registrants may move and receive priority registration to the 2021 BMDH (age limits still apply).
   If the event is cancelled, participants for the 2020 BMDH will get priority 2021 BMDH registration (age limits still apply).
   If a participant becomes ill immediately prior to the 2020 BMDH that leads them to cancel, they will get priority 2021 BMDH                   registration (age limits still apply).

 - 2020 Big Muddy Duck Hunt Event:
     - Temperature taken at registration for all attendees (100.4°F considered a fever)
     - Facemasks provided to each person
     - Hand sanitizer provided to each person
     - Hand sanitizer stations throughout event
     - Instructors required to wear masks when social distance cannot be obtained
     - Duck Calling limited to only station instructor and hunting guide
     - Duck Calls provided to participants at the end of event
     - Instructional shotguns will be sanitized between uses
     - Preparation of waterfowl for consumption station – rubber gloves and facemasks for food prep
     - Hunt blinds will contain a maximum of 4 individuals with exception of 1 additional family related participant (i.e. sibling)
     - Event participation limited to 15 participants (Also limited by blind availability)
     - Lunch and dinner banquet will be served individual plates/boxes. No buffets.

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